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High Maintenance


ellakate Exposes Toxic and “High Maintenance” Love in Sassy New Alt-pop Single

This alt-pop anthem elevates conversations surrounding toxic love and mental health. 

ATLANTA, GA (October 21, 2022) – Ella Greenbaum, artistically known as ellakate, brings a unique flare to her newest single “High Maintenance” releasing on October 21. Throughout this high energy, bold single, listeners will find themselves captivated by ellakate’s striking pop melodies, sassy lyrics, and charming production. While exploring mental health, toxic relationships, and self-worth, this project allows ellakate to transform into a more mature pop artist without sacrificing youthful lyricism. 

Inspired by a tough romance her brother experienced, ellakate knew that others would relate to this message. “My brother's mental health suffered so much during and after this relationship, and this song expresses my anger toward his ex for not treating him right and frustration with my brother for not realizing his worth," says ellakate. Co-written with Heidi Higgins, “High Maintenance” is a wake up call for those who are constantly being manipulated by partners or friends.

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PHOTOGRAPHY BY Lindsay Ann Snyder

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